addERP currently provides 3 main streams of cloud products. For more detailed description of cloud platform with functions introductions, please click the related links below Now !

1. addERP – ERP Cloud
2. addERP – Premier Cloud
3. addERP – Service Cloud

【addERP】ERP Cloud System all-rounded features :

User may handle business transactions through Cloud model with different access authorization at anywhere (company or other locations), and it is convenient and reliable that user does not have to install any program in the computers or mobile devices. Moreover, the user interfaces of 【addERP】system is user-friendly with clear design, so that user without any computer experience or accounting knowledge, may fully understand and easily operate and use the functions of the system in few minutes.

Or take a quick glance at the core points of features which are summarized as below :

~ No Account Knowledge Needed
~ CRM (i.e. Customer Relationship Management)
~ SRM (i.e. Supplier Relationship Management)
~ Stock Management – by location, by brand, by Color, by Size, etc
~ Consignment Management
~ Fixed Assets Management
~ Project Management
~ Salesmen Commission Allocation Management
~ Accounting Transactions Recording
~ Bank Statement – all transactions input in 1 single sheet for all years ! (Quick    Input Function )
~ Multi-Users Access Right Control
~ Multi-Tax System
~ Multi-Currencies Arrangement
~ Suitable For Worldwide Accounting Rule
~ Cloud Platform, No Installation required

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