All the information, together with accounting data, that type in under all registration, business transaction inputs, data transmission, as well as data storage server, are under high and strict protection by in which guarantees and promises that we will NOT, access, reach, apply, utilize, exhibit, or expose, any of information or data in whatever types, formats, channels, activities, or any other possible ways, for any promotion or advertisement purpose. also guarantees and promises that we will NOT disclose any of information or data to any body corporates, businesses, companies, government sectors, or persons, etc, in the World.
Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS).br /> The information collected about you will be used for the communication between you and other users. We collect your personal data when you register as a user in the app. Information we collect about you will not be disclosed by us to any other party in a form that would identify you unless it is permitted or authorised by law.
Our general policy is to retain records of your online transactions for 12 months. We do not offer online facilities for you to delete personal data held by us. Under the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right: to check whether we hold personal data about you and to access such data to require us to correct inaccurate data to ascertain our policies and practices in relation to personal data and the kind of personal data held by us.
Please send requests to access or correct data, to cease communications, and questions or complaints to: Telephone Number (852) 2882 8599 Facsimile Number (852) 2882 8755 Email: