Bank Statement



Reduces book-keeping time by 50%
Input all daily business transactions in 1 single sheet including sales, purchases, daily expenses, other transactions e.g. bank transfer, bad debt recording, etc,
Not only all transactions are inputted in 1 single sheet, but also they can be automatically assigned with different and individual voucher nos. for identification or sorting
After all the different types of transactions are inputted in that single sheet, these transactions are
automatically transferred into different and relevant financial reports of statement of financial position, income statement, and general ledger, for management usage
The mechanism of ‘Bank Statement’ is :


For book-keeping purpose, the main task is to record all the real business transactions in company’s bank statements and/or director current account, etc, into the company ledger accounts, in order to bring them displaying in all financial reports including statement of financial position and income statement, etc
To start with, each time when create a new sheet, users may firstly need to select any 1 core account e.g. bank saving account, director current account, as subject account
After the subject account is selected, e.g. bank saving account, then based on the records displayed in the bank statement, users may then input them in order, one by one, into the single page of the ‘Bank Statement’, e.g.

if the 1st record in bank statement is to settle the payment ($400) of stock purchased by cheque (no.123123) on 5 Jan 2010 without credit term (please note, with credit term, users may input in “Purchase” section under <Premier Cloud> model), and ;
if the 2nd record is to receive bank interest income ($10) on 31 Jan 2010,
if inputting the above 2 records into the ‘Bank Statement’, please refer to the picture displayed below.

All company’s bank accounts or other transactions throughout the year, or over years, may also directly input into the single page of ‘Bank Statement’, without the limitation of period, or don’t need to input in a new page for next year !
When selected appropriate subject account, and chose a specified date (at right-top corner) e.g. 1 Jan 2010, the system will automatically display the balance brought forward ($1,000) of that account in the field, then after accumulating and summarizing the amounts of those inputted transactions, the balance carried forward ($610) for that account will be shown out (at right-bottom corner).
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